We love big events. We’re good at them too. We are a team of event professionals with experience across all areas of event management including logistics, technology, communications, marketing and compliance.

Our cult following across Australia is something we are proud of, with our customers coming back day after day and year after year. Why? Because we make their experience memorable.

It’s the same for our event partners.

We work closely with all our event partners to ensure there is brand synergy and mutual success. With a strong focus on professionalism and the highest of standards we can adjust to service any needs.

We create a bespoke menu to suit every individual event ensuring we can work with any event objectives. Our menu consists of many items that meet a broad range of dietary/allergy needs e.g Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten free.

Throughout Australia we work with some of the best event professionals which allows us to operate from multiple sites for multi day major events.

Everything we do is driven by our experience.

Every bao. Every customer. Every event.

Bao Brothers.


Shoot us the details of your major event and we'll be in touch!